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Pricing & Classes 

Each session focuses on the client’s specific goals and are provided in a warm atmosphere. Pilates training follows a logical and consistent format, so you will progress at a rate to ensure both fun and an appropriate level of challenge. 

New to Pilates ?

Try our Intro Package:

3 classes, each class 40-minute sessions, max of 4 people 

Intro card $190.00

For more class information and open times contact us:


Phone: 508-507-8507

Package has a one month expiration – new clients only 


Private Sessions:

Private Sessions are a one-on-one individualized 50-minute workout.

5 Private Session card is $425.00 

Package has a 6 week expiration

Pay as you go Private Sessions are $95.00

Contact the studio for open times:


Duets & Trios groups are suitable for anyone free of injury and with some Pilates experience. 

Our small group classes ensure a safe and effective workout. 

A certified instructor will lead the class in unison, all classes are 50 minutes. 

Contact the studio for more information on how to join a group.


Duet/Semi Private Training:

Get in shape together, 2 clients one instructor.

Duet sessions are 50 minutes and a great solution for clients who would like to workout with a friend.

$47.00 per person - sold in a 5 class card for $235.00.

All Class cards have 6 week expiration

Group classes:

3-5 clients one instructor

50 minutes - group classes added as requests come in, 

or start your own class with friends!

$42.00 per person - sold in a 5 class card for $210.00.

All Class cards have 6 week expiration


Purchase your package below

Cancellation Policy - a 24-hour advance notice is required to prevent being charged for your session

All packages have a 6 week expiration

Private Package


5 Class Card 

Duet Package


5 Class Card 

Trio Package


5 Class Card 

Online Pilates and LPF Classes Available 

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