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Our Pilates instructors have spent considerable amount of time, effort and money in order to get themselves trained as instructors. This also means that Pilates instructors have a strong foundation in anatomy and movements as compared to many other fitness instructors. We look forward to working with you!


When Gwen discovered Pilates she immediately loved the discipline and benefits of the practice and soon made the decision to go through the training process to become an instructor. Gwen's main objective, as a Pilates instructor is to offer a high quality training, while maintaining the principles and philosophy of Joseph Pilates. Gwen founded Pilates by Gwen, Inc. in 2008 to provide a welcoming environment where clients of all ages and abilities could work on improving their health and everyday movement. 

Education and Certifications:

- Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Instructor Certification® with Pamela Garcia, Peak Pilates® Teacher Trainer

- The Classical Syllabus® program with Mejo Wiggin, Romana Kryzanowska Pilates Teacher Trainer

- Certified Teacher in TheMethod Pilates, with PhysicalMind Institute®

- Pilates Teacher Mastermind® Program, Teaching Pilates for Osteoporosis and Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain with Lynda Lippin, Real Pilates NYC and PhysicalMind Institute® Teacher Trainer

- Continuing education workshops with other Pilates master teacher trainers including: Bob Liekens, Peter Fiasca, Lolita San Miguel, Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt.

- Certification in Balletone Sole Synthesis & Master Balletone® Ambassador.

- Low Pressure Fitness Certified Trainer 


Grazielli, was introduced to a Pilates while searching for a way to ease her muscle pain and tension due to her scoliosis. Pilates has left Grazielli open to many possibilities in life, as her posture feels more balanced through the development of stronger muscles and from training her muscles and joints to work as an integrated system for optimal movement. Grazielli knew that becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor was the next step along the way to help others achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

She received her Pilates Certification through Power Pilates & PhysicalMind Institute®.

A graduate in Biology & Anatomy studies.

A Move Flow® & Low Pressure Fitness® Certified Trainer 

She is passionate, knowledgeable and brings enormous energy and enthusiasm to her teaching.




Michael is very excited to bring his passion for physical fitness and well being to the Pilates Studio!  

For nearly 20 years Michael has been an avid exerciser within numerous fields of wellness.

Throughout his journey he can confidently say that nothing has helped him so effectively quite like Pilates has. He is thrilled to share with his client all of the possibilities it has to offer. As an instructor, Michael states that it is so satisfying and exhilarating when students start to feel the same way. When they start to make the connections, realizing why doing this leads to that, and notice the changes that occur due to their hard work. Just because regular exercise is vital, it does not mean it can't be fun too!


So come join Michael in the studio and let's all learn and get excited about self improvement and wellness!

Certifications in Balletone Barre® and Power Pilates

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