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What our clients are saying

I began training with Gwen in April 2010 with a very specific goal: leaner legs! After years of running, I actually thought that it was impossible...but training with Gwen changed all that! Now, not only did I get my wish and get the outward amazing results, but the residual effects have been great, too! My posture is better and my flexibility has improved dramatically. Plus, I carry so much of what I've learned into my other activities and daily life. Gwen tailors every session to me, and I've been so pleased with my progress from week to week. She genuinely cares; her passion for Pilates is infectious and makes every session fun! I highly recommend Gwen if you want to feel better inside and out.

Krista K, Medfield, MA


I cannot say enough about how much I love Pilates. Gwen has stayed by my side since I started in September. Her patience in instruction is more than a gift. For this I am thankful. As a Breast Cancer & Double Mastectomy survivor in the past year I needed to get my 'Mojo" back. Gwen has helped me find it! 

Lynne Gibbons

Gwen is by far one of the best in her profession. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, she is motivating and very patient. Her studio is immaculate, airy and comfortable. Thank you Gwen for your expertise and support. My body and mind feel great... I can't wait to see what other changes occur in the next few months.

Michelle Murray


I had just finished a battle with breast cancer and some complications with reconstruction surgeries. I was so out of touch with my body literally, and I thought Pilates would help. You not only helped but I believe you rehabbed me. The biggest result so far, I believe is my back, not only does it feel so much better, I think it is also the biggest visual difference. My posture is definitely better! There are many benefits I have gotten from working with you. The most important, I may sound corny but I feel whole and in control again. I appreciate your encouragement, enthusiasm, knowledge, patience - I wish I met you 20 years ago!

Leslie Greco

I sought out Pilates initially for a few reasons. I wanted to be in better shape but hated the gym and I was having some neck and back pain. As with most other exercises I have tried, I expected to go a few times, get bored and give up. But my lessons with Gwen were anything but boring. She knows how to make learning Pilates challenging without being intimidating and even on the days when I have a million things going on or want to stay on the couch, I leave my classes feeling so accomplished and glad I went. I love the focus that Pilates takes and the calm control that I feel when working on the equipment. I am stronger especially in my core and my pants fit better than they have in awhile which is so encouraging. Gwen's interest in her students' overall health is so motivating in continuing to try and live a healthier lifestyle. From informative nutrition nights to fun studio nights, I have been able to make lasting changes in my diet and activity levels. I look forward to many more classes with Gwen.

Erika Girard


I started Pilates to strengthen core, back, neck & shoulders to reduce headaches caused by weak muscles. Since then I have a definite decrease in headaches, added strength, overall feel stronger and more solid - I feel GOOD! I learned to keep my head level, never really knew I kept it at an upward angle. I think spine condition is everything! I use my core for pretty much everything, even to walk up the stairs! I value you listening and working with me as an individual and giving me exercises that work for my body. You are friendly yet professional, thank you Gwen!

K, Franklin MA

I started Pilates to help my golf game – core strength, flexibility, and balance are all key to a good golf swing. I began training with Gwen in February 2010, and I had my best golf season ever!

Not only did Pilates help with golf, it improved everyday activities. I am more aware of my posture, shoulder positions, and breathing - and this helps with all activities! My sessions with Gwen are fun and productive. She does a great job of starting simple and then building up to more complex movements. Each session is different, tailored to me, helping me reach the goals I want to accomplish.

Gwen is also does a great job of advancing the training without risking injury. I couldn’t be happier with Gwen as my trainer.

E. Derwin, Millis MA


I have never been able to stick to a workout program or gym… basically I

did not like to exercise. I started Classical Pilates with Gwen in March 2009 reluctantly. Today, I wouldn’t miss my lesson for anything!!

As a Dental Hygienist for 28 years, I definitely had chronic neck and back pain, poor posture and generally little energy. Pilates has helped me strengthen and elongate muscles, dramatically helping my posture. I feel taller, my neck looks longer and best of all, I am pain free!

Gwen’s individual, targeted, training teaches me what to do and why with results that I can see today. Pilates have given me energy, core strength, balance, muscle toning and a little spring in my step! I’ve never been able to get that from any trainer or gym. Honestly, I have never felt better.

Gwen …the new me, thanks you for “the new me”; the old me, thanks you for your hard work and patience!!!

Trish Sousa, Franklin, MA

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