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How will Pilates improve my golf?

Pilates will teach you to engage properly and to use your powerhouse. It will unleash energy and strength to lead you to improved concentration thus enabling you to achieve maximum control and precision.

We have selected multiple exercises for every part of the golf swing to help increase and strengthen the hip and shoulder turn, improve rotation in the arms, strengthen wrists and forearms. Resulting in more consistent play, a faster swing, increased driving distance, improved ball striking ability and trajectory and better contact and directional control of the ball.

Conventional strength training, core conditioning, and other fitness disciplines have not resulted in golfers achieving their perfect swing. Conventional strength training has limitations for golfers because flexibility is not stressed. Flexibility training on its own is not enough either, because strength is also needed to swing a golf club well!

Annika Sorenstam and Rory McIlroy, are known to incorporate Pilates into their fitness routines 😊

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