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What is and how does Low Pressure Fitness work?

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) works to balance the Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System and reprogram your core muscles to work at a subconscious level to support you throughout your daily life. The combination of breathing and posture techniques associated with hypopressives helps to create a core that can balance and counterbalance everything else in life that increases pressure.

Hypopressives are postural and respiratory exercises that cause a decrease in internal pressure, at the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic levels. The decrease in internal pressure causes an activation of the fibers in the abdominal and perineal muscles. Its basis is body work, through correct posture and alignment. 

These help recover and heal the body from the inside out, repositioning organs and muscles.

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is a training system aimed at postural and breathing re-education. It utilizes breathing and hypopressive maneuvers together with myofascial and neurodynamic techniques to decrease pressure and body tension. The global approach of LPF puts the body in specific positions to target different areas and build the competency of the core as a unit in a progressive way.

Both men and women of all ages who are seeking to train the true function of their core will benefit. It is great for athletes who want to increase respiratory function and prevent injuries or for those who would like to improve their posture and breathing. 

 The program is recommended for those who want to prevent or suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction (prolapse, urinary incontinence, etc.), diastasis recti, types of hernias and low back pain. 

It is also helpful for postpartum recovery. Change in the body requires consistent steady practice,

 this training isn’t for those who don’t want to put in the work.

The connection between Low Pressure Fitness and Pilates is obvious, 

since both aim for a better management of intra-abdominal pressure.

Our Small group classes are 40 minutes & 

designed to assist you with your daily personal practice.


Bring your own mat

Wear comfortable clothing

Use the bathroom prior to class

 Avoid eating one hour before

Assessment required before joining all LPF classes 



Assessment of abdominal competence, diaphragmatic and abdominal tone & photos,

plan for a 25 minute assessment.​

Private 25 minute classes are also available, an assessment is required

please contact the studio for open appointments ($50 per class).

Package has a 8-week expiration date,

if you need to miss a week, you are welcome to do 2 classes to make up your missed class.

Contact the studio for current schedule. 

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